Welcome to the Opis Gaming Marketplace


Opis Gaming Marketplace

Welcome to the Opis Gaming Marketplace! 

Thank you for visiting our marketplace. All purchases of in-game items and services are used to fund our voice & game server costs and associated licensing and taxes. It costs several hundred dollars per month to run OG:RP due to the high cost of mitigating attacks. Some items are priced high to avoid abuse (see: sawnoff shotguns/NOS). Our thought is someone is less likely to abuse these items if they have a ultra high premium. All items are delivered virtually by an in-game Customer Service Representative as soon as the payment has processed through Paypal, and you have finalized your the order via the command ingame. Lastly we hold no copyright to the specific item names or design in this marketplace as they are the property of Rockstar Games.

All sales are final and non-refundable.

Thank you for your humble contribution.


If you would like to donate rather than purchase an item you may do so here :